BRICKSTOR SP Virtual Appliance

Take the first step to achieving Zero Trust for your data with secure cloud Cyberstorage

Secure Cloud Storage

Solve storage, security, and compliance challenges with a single virtual platform

RackTop’s BrickStor Security Platform is now available in a virtual edition with all the great features available in the bare metal version. BrickStor SP provides advanced data security and compliance for unstructured data. Designed and developed by veterans of the NSA, the solution is secure by default resulting in a platform that’s easier to deploy and manage than any other filesharing solution. The process of adhering to regulatory compliance and NIST frameworks is streamlined with built-in reporting.
BrickStor SP platform

Key Features and Benefits

Know everything about your data all the time.

• NFS and SMB file protocols
• Integration with Active Directory and LDAP
• Policy based data protection with snapshots and replication
• VSS compliant file restore
• Use behavior auditing and analysis
• Ransomware protection
• AES-256 encryption
• Built-in key management service (KMIP Compliant)
• Built-in compliance reports
• Integrates seamlessly with physical BrickStors
• Deploy in minutes


Maximum Capacity per BrickStor SP VM384TB Usable
Supported HypervisorsESX 6 and higher, KVM
(Hyper-V R23 and later)
Minimum VM Resources4vCPU and 16GB of RAM
See sizing guide for recommended CPU and RAM configurations
LicensingSubscription with 5TB usable included; grow by the TB

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