Project Info

  • Product: BrickStor
  • Concept: Encryption and Key Management
  • Date: December 4, 2014

In this installment of IT Matters Eric Bednash and Jonathan Halstuch explain full disk encryption and other new features that will be released in our next product release.

Full disk encryption is a new feature that we’re going to be rolling out in our BrickStor and OSP lines (ObjectStor platform). Encryption hasn’t always been a part of storage. We’ve simplified the problem and added this incredibly beneficial security to our products.

The other big issue has been key management. RackTop has simplified key management by allowing our systems to talk to a key management server so that you can encrypt or decrypt the data depending on what your requirements are. Further, we tie in to an active directory, which allows user access to be added and removed so that keys can be protected by controls based on policy eliminating the need to rekey everything.

In the past, performance has been impacted encrypted data – both when encrypting and decrypting it. Our hardware acceleration leverages special purpose chips to handle the job – removing the overhead.

Additionally Eric explains the standards that govern encryption including FIPS and AES and how they ensure that your data is safely encrypted.

Look for the AES 256 full disk encryption drives within our BrickStor and OSP lines coming this quarter. These products meet the FIPS 140-2 guidelines and certification, as well as AES full disk encryption guidelines.

Our products are especially useful for customers in the government, healthcare and financial industries – anyone that really cares about the sensitivity and security of their data.