Steve Herrod Highlights RackTop for VDI at VMworld 2012

Steve Herrod Highlights RackTop for VDI at VMworld 2012

vBOX Adds Value and Simplifies VDI Deployments

Steve Herrod talks about how RackTop, as a VMware Partner in the Rapid Desktop Program, is simplifying and lowering the costs of VDI deployments. vBOX was launched at VMworld 2011 as the View 5 based VDI-in-a-box solution for VDI.  Since then RackTop has continued to increase the density of users per vBOX and improved the user experience.  With vBOX customers can deploy 100’s of virtual desktops within hours of receipt.

VMware CTO's Keynote at VMworld 2012

Benefits of vBOX

  • Lower cost to entry
  • Shared Nothing Architecture provides isolation between vBOX appliances
  • Internal hybrid storage provides superior user experience
  • Eliminates the need for forklift storage and network upgrades
  • Add more capacity just by adding another vBOX
  • Scalable modular architecture supports branch offices with low or poor network connectivity


product-vBoxMore Information about vBOX

vBOX Data Sheet


Contact RackTop today to find out the right model vBOX and complete architecture for your environment.

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