Project Info

  • Product: BrickStor
  • Concept: Data capacity and efficiency
  • Date: July 15, 2015

In this segment Eric Bednash and Jonathan Halstuch of RackTop continue the discussion about media companies and the capacity and protection issues they face today. We recognize there’s a constant struggle for capacity on primary storage.

Digital media takes up a lot of space and requires enterprise solutions. But what do you do when you use up all of your capacity? Stored hard drives and flash drives are susceptible to degradation, especially when moved frequently – or even when just sitting unused. Secondary storage systems cost less and offer more capacity for long-term storage and back-ups. So what is the best option for your business? Our product, BrickStor, offers two very important features which make your job easier: the ability to snapshot your data and the ability to work within those snapshots as well as the ability efficiently to send data between these systems without hauling the files around. Our efficient snapshot and clone capability which allows you to keep deltas only – and it’s very fast. The clone is a writable copy of that snapshot, allowing for multiple creative users to work on the same data set for different purposes with protections for each version, instantaneously.

The other component to this is moving data. How do you move data efficiently? Our BrickStor solution offers an advanced replication capability with the ability to replicate over LAN or WAN. Replicating only the deltas, or the changes, that are syncing. Replication timing to your archive system is set according to your business policy. In case of unforeseen interruptions our product has a resume/pause feature which allows you to pick-up where you left off.

Another advantage to the RackTop solution and data ecosystem is that our product includes the cloud and myRack, a global unified management system that allows you to review your data on premises as well as the data sets in the cloud with data reporting.

Finally, let’s say that you’ve taken your data and replicated it to RackTop’s secure, private cloud and you want to pull 20 TBs back. That could be a time-consuming process. At RackTop we have the ability to take that data on your behalf in a secure format and deliver it back to you through encrypted physical media. The data is checksummed and verified so there is no risk of corruption. The data can be incorporated into the system, you would need a key to unlock that data which maintains the chain of custody for your security. An example of this technology could be moving data between a movie set and a finishing studio.

Contact us for more information about BrickStor. Let us show you how it can help make your media operations safer and more efficient.