Project Info

  • Product: BrickStor
  • Concept: Why hard drives matter
  • Date: January 8, 2015

Jonathan Halstuch and RackTop’s Sam Zaydel discuss why hard drives matter. Hard drives are not created equally. There are commercial and consumer drives meant to perform in different ways. When considering SAS vs. SATA we address the differences beyond standard protocol guidelines.

Consumer drives, for examples, get simple jobs done but do not always behave as expected and are meant to perform in different ways and to support different workloads than drives meant for the Enterprise. In Enterprise environments, when selecting a certain brand or model drive, you must consider performance, responsiveness and behavior in a potential failure situation. For example, inexpensive archival drives should not be used for highly complex virtualized environments.

It is important to understand the workload of your environment at the beginning of receiving a system. It is critical to select the right hard drive and to work with a vendor that can help you understand responsiveness and performance to make sure you are building a system that will perform as expected. Fortunately for our customers this is something we love to talk about.