Anexinet Infrastucture Modernization Podcast

Episode 73: Data-Centric Security with RackTop

RackTop Lead Solutions Architect Dave Hughes joins Anexinet’s podcast to discuss Data-Centric Security concepts. He and Vic Simon (Sr. Solutions Architect at Anexinet) discuss RackTop’s history, as well as the history of bulk file storage in general. There is a lot of similarity between products in the NAS space; RackTop aims to change that by bringing security to the table as the number 1 priority. Their ‘Cyberstorage’ component (which is built-in to the software) provides significant benefits to understanding user traffic and determining the valid traffic from the invalid/dangerous traffic. Dave and Vic also discuss the flexibility in deployment that the RackTop platform provides, as well as the 90-day free trial program (supported by RackTop engineers) that RackTop runs. This flexibility enables companies of any size or geography to start realizing the benefits of a Secure Data Storage product almost immediately.

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Chris Hayner, Enterprise Architect, Anexinet

Dave Hughes, Lead Solutions Architect, Racktop
Vic Simon, Sr. Solutions Architect, Anexinet

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Dustin Karrat

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