Project Info

  • Product: BrickStor
  • Concept: Business Continuity
  • Date: December 12, 2014

In this installment of IT Matters Jonathan Halstuch and Eric Bednash explain why your business should have a business continuity plan and how important it is to have quick access to your most valuable data.

There are two pieces to business continuity. You have to get the data somewhere and you have to enable the operations. What matters most is the amount of data and the rate of change of data and the bandwidth between the primary location from where you are replicating the data from to the secondary location where you are replicating the data to. A mechanism needs to be in place to ensure that data is replicated in a timely manner from the primary site to the secondary site in case there is a disaster. But it’s not just about replicating the data – it’s also being able to use that data. If your data is stored – but not accessible – it becomes a hinderance to productivity if you need to actually read or run the data rather than just simply store it as you would on a portable drive in a vault.

It is important to replicate the data you need to continue operations of the business. You must know your recovery point and your recovery time objective. Is it near zero – or days?

With BrickStor OS, we have created a smart system that enables business continuity. The work we’re doing is changing the landscape of data backup. With our intelligent replication technology the system is intelligent enough to start replicating data as soon as necessary based on the bandwidth available, where the data needs to go, and the priority of the data. The system itself can alert the user that it needs to do a backup – but can also take care of that action on its own. That’s the beauty of the autonomy of our ecosystem. It puts the data to work for you. Our self-reliant technology does not rely on admins to complete work. It eliminates tasks and work from your IT team so they are free to do other tasks.

Our team has extensive experience designing, deploying and supporting data centers and has done a great job addressing all of the end-to-end data backup pains and has responded to them with a truly autonomous solution.

At RackTop, we strive to make it easier to store, leverage, use and protect your data. For more information and demos about our new features – stay tuned to our channel and visit our website,