Project Info

  • Product: BrickStor
  • Concept: Cybersecurity
  • Date: January 19, 2015

Cybersecurity is the next battleground in IT. It’s not if you’re going to be attacked – it’s when, and if the attacker will be successful. And there are many things you can do to prepare and to harden your company’s position so that if you are attacked, you are less likely to be exploited.

Cybersecurity is an all-encompassing concept including your entire IT landscape and involves protecting it from exploitation. You must understand the threats to your business from an IT perspective, what can people do to your information technology systems to destroy them or make them less usable. To protect your data the first step is determining what data you have and where it is. Encryption alone may not offer enough protection. Data protection should be layered, centralized and protected. Having this inherent to the system offers more assurances that there are fewer gaps and opportunities for adversaries to exploit you. Tracking is another important consideration with the issue of sprawl, the whole system should be designed that you are able to monitor and manage where the data goes. Social engineering is a huge way that people hack into systems – you must protect against these threats.

Our product, BrickStor, includes two-person authentication integrity which offers yet another layer of security to ensure that access to data is not provided accidentally. We take great lengths within our engineering and product development at RackTop to incorporate inherently into our products, our operating system, our data ecosystem and our cloud, these secure layers so that it doesn’t become a cumbersome process. We have made these multi-layered securities so easy to operate that it’s simply not worth the risk of creating your own pieces and parts system. A unified system, like BrickStor, allows you to see behaviors of users so that you can recognize abnormal patterns which can alert you to a security issue.

As far as regulation, we believe that this is an area that needs a hybrid approach to regulation.