Introducing a unique new product providing unmatched security in your last line of defense against security threats. Seagate’s secure supply chain brings 140-2 disc drives and enclosures provides a scalable baseline for our solution. Fornetix’s key orchestration technology is an adaptation of the traditional concept of key management. Giving you the ability to influence operations with policy, automation, extensible and highly inter-operable. Manage the complete solution using the BrickStor OS and myRack manage user interface. Together, you have an easy to use data management platform that secures your data and is completely scalable.

With special thanks to:

Chuck White, Fornetix
Mike Moritzkat, Seagate

Dealing with NIST 800-171? GDPR? PII? HIPAA?

Introducing the Secure Data Protection Platform (SDP2)

a joint data storage and security solution from RackTop, Seagate, and Fornetix

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