VDI Made Easy – Controlling Costs and Management

When choosing a desktop virtualization solution, organizations are faced with a number of concerns. In this next VDI series we’ll cover some of the top questions facing decision-makers today.

Is the solution easy to maintain and cost-effective for my business?

The escalating costs of managing PCs for users is well-documented. There is no doubt that the traditional desktop requires a great deal of maintenance. The hardware failures and replacements coupled with the ongoing updating of applications can place a tremendous burden on IT departments. User problems and maintenance, in most cases, are addressed on location, at the user’s workstation. Organizations spend too much time and money maintaining devices.

Another advantage to using RackTop’s zero clients is cost. In addition to positive user experience and secure data, implementing zero clients allows you to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). No moving parts within zero clients means the devices last longer and are more reliable than endpoints with components prone to failure. RackTop’s zero clients require minimal maintenance, take less space, and use fewer energy resources than the desktop computers they replace.

Zero clients allow for rapid deployment and are essentially plug-and-play devices. Out of the box, they require only minutes to set up and seconds to boot. We offer zero client models which can obtain power over the network, eliminating the need for a power cord altogether. Connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse and zero clients are ready for work.