Storage Interview with RackTop

RackTop’s COO provides insights on data storage for Processor Magazine.  Jonathan Halstuch, COO of RackTop Systems discussed his views on how to choose a storage solution for your business. Halstuch says, “SSD is hitting a great price and reliability point. With an SSD solution, customers can get the high I/Ops they need for virtual desktop infrastructure solutions or other I/O-demanding requirements.”

Read the full article: Storage That’s Built To Last – archived edition

Jonathan has leveraged his personal experiences to develop IT solutions for all organizations. As COO and founder of RackTop systems, Jonathan is dedicated to providing customers with solutions that meet the needs and provide a higher value than any other solution. RackTop specializes in foundational IT appliances for the data center.

Check out BrickStor for a data storage solution that beats the competition. RackTop will be announcing new products at VMworld Las Vegas in August.