Non-Profit Data Management Solutions

Our complete data ecosystem is available as an on premises solution or as a cloud service. RackTop provides affordable, unique and efficient solutions to comply with your security and privacy compliance requirements.

Remote Access

Real-time collaboration and data sharing at regional, national, and global scales from any device


Real-time, fully synced, & fully managed access for the whole team with quick, easy access to documents and tools.

Security & Stability

Sensitive data is FIPS AES-256 encrypted, stored and protected. Automatic protection against ransomware and advanced cyber threats.

Speed & Reliability

BrickStor SP was designed to be secure and compliant by default. And it is simple enough to be managed by an IT generalist to reduce the burden on IT staff and lower the TCO.

Data Management and Protection

Built-in data protection provides disaster recovery and continuity of operations capabilities right out of the box. Rapidly find and restore files with indexed search.

Implement quickly and scale on demand to respond to world events and economic pressures.

Secure Distributed Collaboration

BrickStor SP is the perfect foundation for enabling a distributed workforce to collaborate amongst themselves, partners, clients and customers. BrickStor SP can enable virtual desktops to allow staff to work securely from anywhere on sensitive data. And, with BrickStor SP’s SecureGFS feature organizations can share and receive content security across the web while protecting sensitive PII and PCI data.

Ransomware Protection

Unfortunately, hackers and organized crime do not spare non-profits. BrickStor SP’s built in data security features not only make compliance a breeze but also provide protection against Ransomware that can not only stop operations and prevent organizations from serving their clients and customers but potentially be a way that hackers steal sensitive information about their donors. The security and user behavior profiling capabilites of BrickStor SP are designed to detect and stop attacks early to prevent interruption to operations as well as the potential for unauthorized data exposure and data loss.