RackTop Systems Announces Plans to Incorporate 3D XPoint Memory into zFLASH

RackTop’s 2016 zFLASH will include a 3D XPoint Memory Model

Contact: Laura Bednash & 888-472-2586

Fulton, MD. – RackTop Systems Inc., creator of the Data Ecosystem and a leading provider of enterprise data management and storage, today announces updates to their zFLASH product road map. The RackTop zFLASH product is an all flash version of our flagship BrickStor® product line.

Today’s zFLASH delivers over 1 million IOPS with sub-microsecond latency using traditional NAND flash technology. A new memory type called 3D XPoint will offer 1,000 times the performance and endurance of today’s NAND. Intel and Micron have described 3D XPoint as the biggest innovation in more than 25 years, one that will enable new types of modes of computing.

“This technology will enable us to deliver unprecedented performance with an even lower total cost of ownership for our customers,” said Eric Bednash, RackTop’s Chief Executive Officer. “This cutting-edge technology will exponentially benefit performance sensitive workloads like virtual desktop infrastructure.”

RackTop expects to announce more details about the inclusion of 3D XPoint memory into zFLASH and vBOX in the first quarter of 2016. RackTop’s 2016 product set will continue to make data storage and management easier and more efficient through the perfect combination of software and hardware.

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