Product Announcement: Zero Clients

Product Announcement: Zero Clients

RackTop is happy to officially announce the availability of our Zero Clients.


Zero Clients combined with vBOX for VMware View is quite simply the fastest way to implement scalable virtual desktops combined with both the lowest risk and total cost of ownership. Accomplish in under 8 hours what it takes other organizations 18 months to implement. Together, vBOX and Zero Clients eliminate the VDI network and storage guessing-game while reducing overall complexity and the number of pieces required.

RackTop’s Zero Client solution for View provides everything you need to implement a plug-and-play virtual desktop infrastructure along with confidence that your endpoints will further enhance the end user’s experience. Adding more concurrent users is easy – simply add another vBOX and more zero clients. Need more redundancy? Just add another vBOX.

Are you in the process of evaluating your VDI options? Our VDI solutions are available as-a-service. Contact us for a risk-free consultation. The worst thing that could happen is we buy you lunch.


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