Everything In Moderation

IT providers always promise solutions that will eliminate costs, speed up deployments, and contain more capabilities.  If you sit in an IT discussion or IT sales meeting today, there is a good chance that you will hear about the benefits of Virtualization or the benefits of using  “The Cloud”.  Is it always beneficial?

Like everything in life things in moderation are usually a good thing. Clouds in the atmosphere in moderation are a good thing.  Never a cloud in the sky may mean a drought.  Clouds all the time can be depressing and gloomy.  Clouds in IT are much the same.  Certain situations merit the use of a public cloud provider and others may not.  This is something technologists and executives are still beginning to understand and develop.

With regards to Virtualization, a technology that has been around for over a decade and more widely understood and accepted there is still a lack of clarity as to when there will be a benefit and savings from Virtualization. As strategist and technologist employ virtualization technologies they must understand how it will change their test, deployment and support plans. Virtualization eliminates some obvious problems but can add complexities in the areas of storage and network management. Is your support and system administration adequately trained and prepared to solve the new problem set.

Standardization is important within an IT enterprise. However, it is hard to use one tool or one solution for every situation in IT or just around your house. RackTop provides individual solutions to common and pervasive IT problems. Our solutions and our strategies will help you move your business into the cloud strategically. Our solutions will enable you to virtualize and manage those systems you have chosen to virtualize.