ZFS is the Best – Practice Saying It


ZFS is the Best – Practice Saying It

ZfS is the best file systemZFS is the Best – 3 letters, 4-words, so many Reasons

Reason #1 – Self Healing Architecture

ZFS is a self-healing file system.  Protect yourself against data corruption.  ZFS can detect and correct errors that leave other file systems providing incorrect data.  Yep, NetApp, EMC, RAID-5 solutions don’t have the level of protection RackTop’s ZFS based BrickStor offers.  Can you imagine a serious research project or a decision made on data that is incorrect.  Can your organization take that chance?

Reason #2 – Thin Provisioning

ZFS is thinly provisioned, which enables the most efficient use of disk capacity.  Not only is ZFS thinly provisioned, but BrickStor provides for unlimited snapshots and clones which are thinly provisioned as well.  ZFS is more efficient that any other enterprise storage file system.

Reason #3 – Unlimited File Systems

ZFS is capable of having an unlimited set of distinct file systems on the same set of disks.  This one to many relationship offers users to present both block and file storage at the same time to meet the dynamic demands of the organization.

Reason #N,001 – Hybrid Storage Pools

Hybrid Storage pools turn 1,000’s of random writes into transactional sequential writes.  Hybrid Storage pools deliver amazing performance with minimized cost.  Hybrid Storage pools are created from the combination of spinning disk and enterprise class SSD’s.  By leveraging hybrid storage pools users can access hundreds of thousands of IOPS without having to have thousands of disks. In fact you can get 80,000 write IOPS with just two disks.

Leverage ZFS in an enterprise storage solution by choosing RackTop BrickStor. The best value for the money in storage technology today.

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