vBOX and EVGA Zero Clients Create an Awesome Combination


vBOX and EVGA Zero Clients Create an Awesome Combination

Announcing New Zero Client and vBOX Bundles Accelerate Deployment

Accelerate your VDI deployment with vBOX bundles from RackTop.  RackTop has teamed up with EVGA to offer a total solution from infrastructure to zero client in order to offer users the most rich user experience, administrators the simplest management job, and C-suite executives the lowest total cost of ownership.  The latest vBOX harnesses the power of Intel e5 CPU’s to maximize RAM and compute available to each user.  When all of this technology is brought together in an easy to purchase and deploy bundle everyone wins.


vBOX is an all in one solution which means it has everything you need to get started with a VMware View 5.1 deployment.  It includes everything from the supporting Windows virtual infrastructure VM’s to high performance storage.  It scales linearly so when you need to add more users its easy.  Each vBOX is capable of supporting a specified number of users based on the model you choose.  Need more than the maximum seats in a single vBOX? Just buy another one and drop it in.  Adding more clients is even faster with RackTop’s zero client and licensing bundles.

Watch this presentation to find out why vBOX is the best way to deploy VDI.

vBOX front Trim


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